Back and forth


The weather has turned rainy and raw, should the temperature drop tonight there will be lovely ice everywhere for tomorrow’s commute. We seem to be on a weather see-saw, as if winter can’t quite summon the energy autumn all the way out of the picture. Gray days follow bright ones in a seasonal tug-of-war. The rivers and creeks are running full, and the snow has all but been washed away. If it weren’t for the Christmas lights it would feel more like November. but the holidays are creeping up, using the weather as a sort of diversion. All of a sudden it will be the final days with so many small things still undone. There will be only 1 tiny bit of wrapping paper left on the roll, no time left to mail cards and no interest in fighting to get forgotten gifts at the stores. Even the online world will cease to offer a fix. Then the idea will be…make cookies as gifts! Only to realize there is not enough flour or sugar in the cupboard. It seems to happen in some form every year, no matter how simple a Christmas is planned something falls between the cracks that had to get done. It must be the Bah Humbugs at work. I have seen their book and think they are up to their usual tricks.

I will need to be vigilant to not get humbugged.


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