Onto new homes

urban escape

The first weekend of open studios ended up being quieter than expected, but 2 pieces found new homes. The one above is the back of the Lowell SUN building showing the now gone fire escape. And the other is a now closed diner counter view.


I did sell a couple of small colorful pieces; but it seems like people prefer the gritty, rather melancholy ones.

Most of what I sell has this feel.

It is as if people want the images to have a worn, slightly forlorn touch to them. Which is fine as that is what i like to photograph. Though to be honest I have been doing little or no photography recently. And it shows when I do get out and bring back “just images”. Time is getting away from me this month with work, appointments, schedule changes and cold weather I haven’t adapted to yet. Yet being the keyword there, I just need to bundle up and get out there and get after it. Tomorrow it is on my schedule before I head to work, providing it doesn’t end up being icier than expected.

But back to open studios, I am hoping that next weekend more pieces will go to new homes. I miss part of Saturday due to work but will still have all Sunday to have an open door. We have 5 floors of studios so the crowds get spread out, and some are overwhelmed with all the styles. Plus art is a hard gift to select for someone else unless you really know them. Jewelry is easy, knit mittens are easy. Paintings are a bit tougher as are photographs. They are a commitment, a risk. There is always the chance what you see in a piece completely escapes the recipient when they unwrap it and say


Which makes for an awkward moment for everyone!

So is art worth the risk as a gift? I think it is, especially if you can get a smaller size that will seem less overwhelming when opened, just in case what you loved doesn’t quite speak to the recipient. Only the bravest should buy an over the sofa size piece, unless the giver heard the person say they loved it.


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