The way of the holidays

navel gazing at Christmas

Now that “we” have “survived” Black Friday and Cyber Monday, (or Plaid Friday and Cider Monday for you local, small business shoppers) it would seem what is really needed is whole bunch less navel gazing at Christmas. When I hear about people buying 4 flat screen tv’s, or stampeding to grab “hot items” I just have to wonder if all that stuff has any real meaning, or is just an attempt to fill a bottomless hole. It seems like the holidays have become a never-ending battle to gain perfection and happiness through buying more and more, to please people through purchases, to charge the way to happiness, to call it saving in spite of the money going out. Can the wider view be seen when it is obstructed by an overfilled shopping cart? If we could watch several years of shoppers pushing their way into stores I wonder how many faces would appear year after year. Maybe I can get a federal grant, form a Congressional committee and subcommittee and study that and then enjoy the navel gazing of Congress once it is done!


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