Back and forth


The last day of 2014 is marching forward to meet the first day of 2015. It is a day of considering both directions of time while standing in the moment. New Year’s Eve can be a tough holiday to celebrate since the big event occurs so late and there is so much time leading up to it. Yesterday at work I heard a great suggestion for combating this issue: celebrate Greenwich Mean Time New Year’s. It is perfect for those of us on the east coast especially. Everyone gathers for an early dinner and at 7 PM our time it is the stroke of midnight in London. It works great for a dinner party, people can then go onto a local time zone party or off home for a quiet evening. You could even adjust it for a brunch or breakfast by using Jakarta, Indonesia or Dedeo, Guam. When you think of time it can make you feel a bit off kilter. It was already 2015 in Christchurch, New Zealand when I awoke today, yet I get to linger for another 13 hours in what is now their past. But it allows me the chance to mull a bit longer as they go headlong into the new year, to think about what did and didn’t get done in the year, and what I hope to do in the coming one.

I didn’t paint as much as I’d planned, and hope to rectify that in 2015.

I did get a job which will keep me out in the world and earning cash to support the creativity I plan.

I didn’t get to as many places as I had listed, and all were within driving distance of a couple hours, maybe this year.

I cut down on my reading which threatened to eat up all my time, having a job helped with this.

I didn’t get as much exercise as I had hoped from getting out and about on hikes, hopefully in 2015 I can fix that.

I did continue the paring down of stuff that we no longer need and will continue to lighten the load next year.

All in all I can say honestly 2014 was a good year in all quarters here. Freedom, shelter, food, health, income and creativity. Not a bad summary, and one I would happily repeat this coming year.

Happy New Year to all of you!


Coming around the final turn


It is the final bend in the year leading to that last straightaway which will bring 2014 to the end. It feels like 2014 has just left the station so to speak, and here we are ending the journey. I met some of my goals, fell a bit short on others and entirely left some on the platform. But each new year gives the chance to grab them and try to jump on board the next year’s train with them. Overall I feel 2014 has been a successful year, those who measure success by promotions, bonuses or big contracts would disagree, but that’s fine. I have enjoyed good health, work I enjoy, friends & family to visit with, new creativity, and so much more. I have also enjoyed some fabulous blogs which spur my mind in so many ways.

A huge thank you to all the bloggers I follow and those I have stumbled upon while looking for other things. I have learned so many things from what you have all written.

I am mulling over what I hope to accomplish for 2015 as it will be a year of big changes here as the last child finishes high school and heads to college. It is hard to map out a year, just as it was hard for ancient mapmakers to accurately depict an unknown continent, there is just too much that is beyond our knowledge. But I can do a rough sketch of the country as I see it from right here and fill in the geography of the year as I travel through it.

Walking in the woods on a snowy evening


Okay, maybe walking in the woods on a snowless Christmas evening is more accurate. It was close to 50 degrees today, unusually warm for December. A great day for getting out not just once, but twice on long walks. Though to be fair, when I went by the lake it was no longer a balmy 50, but a windy 30 something. The day was bright and beautiful, perfect for getting out and about to work off the Christmas breakfast, and be ready for the Christmas dinner. We have reached a stage in our house where there are no more new toys to occupy the time, or electronics to fiddle with. It is now the stage where doing something outdoors will be a bigger part of the day’s events. And that is okay, it is all part of children growing up, and new things starting. Yet, it is a change from Christmases past, the ones that linger in memory throughout life as “best”, when the wonder of Santa, and snowfall, and sparkling Christmas lights made it all seem magical. I remember the ones from my childhood, all white (well, all but 1 if I recall correctly), all exciting, and all full of holiday sparkle.

That is how it should be I think, giving us holidays to remember.

Merry to everyone


I love to wish people Merry Christmas, and yes I know not everyone celebrates the holiday. It is more the chance to say “merry” than anything else, it is a word that is really used only at one time of year which makes all the more special. To me it feels as if we must seize the very merriness that is here and gone. Happy is used all year long, happy birthday, Halloween, anniversary, etc, but merry on the other hand has a glitter to it that never gets dull through use. When I say Merry Christmas it feels like I am wishing  the person the chance to be merry, be light, be filled with good feelings. To make merry, be filled with merriment and to delight in the lights, sights, scents and joy of the season. And so I say to all of you Merry Christmas! May your holiday of celebration contain much merriness.

How many


How many Christmases has this house seen? I could research it and find out, but the wondering is more fun. It is a safe bet it has seen more than I have. When I came around the bend in the road and saw it I knew I’d have to pull over and get a couple of pictures. There is a nice solidity to the house that speaks of the seasons it has seen, the trials and joys it has harbored, and the  acceptance of them as part of life. How many generations of parents walked the floor with a sick child, worried over the antics of a teenager, waited for news of a loved one, fretted about the state of the world? All of which slid into history as the seasons moved relentlessly on, and most of which are forgotten but to those who lived them. It is a house that makes me think if I peeked in the door it would be a time capsule of years gone by. A fire in the fireplace, candles lit on the table, a meal cooking in the kitchen in a pot over the fire,

and the chilling cold that houses had before fiberglass insulation and central heat.

A little more holiday glam


The walls of the mill are lovely aged brick, and with just some strands of lights, a sheer and some ornaments they become an urban chic looking holiday scene. It takes a lot of sheers though as the walls are 14 feet tall. These ornaments are the 5 inch ones that won’t get lost against the brick. You can just see the reflection of the roll up doors on the loading dock in the purple one. I think it would look lovely in an old loft or against any brick wall in an old house. It is a nice mix of old and new. The colors are great too, very chic and contemporary I think.