A bit of quiet


One of my favorite parts of getting out in the countryside with my camera is the quiet I encounter. I am one of those people who enjoys silence more than noise, and doesn’t find solitude uncomfortable. No doubt this is partially because it is optional, no jailer or malady has thrust it upon me and is enforcing it. When it is a choice solitude can be a delight.

There are even times in the city that quiet can be found, as the hum of traffic fades into the background. But it is a kinetic quiet more like white noise. In either place the chirp of birds seems to be a constant as they flit from perch to perch. When I was out and got this image, there was almost no noise to be heard. An occasional car would pass, my feet caused the leaves to rustle as I shooshed through them, and a few chirps could be heard. But I was mainly engulfed in that restful sort of quiet that seems to fill every corner of your being and wash you clean.


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