Change in the weather


It was supposed to snow last night, that first 1″ that highlights the branches and grasses

and is gone by noon is what I was hoping for.

But it rained instead.

I went out anyhow in the early light to see what the woods had to offer.

It was quiet except for the sound of water drops hitting the last of the foliage, no birds seemed to be in a singing mood,

no squirrels scampered about.

I found a couple patches of grainy snow here and there, but well less than 1/4 of an inch,

but every branch had a string of water drops on it making a prism of the woods when the sun hit it.

I made my way around the end of the pond and down the trail, looking and looking at the November scenery.

The last of the leaves are clinging here and there, but the structure of the woods is exposed. It is a great time to be out on the trail as there are new views to see and the crunch of leaves underfoot to be a companion as I go.

Even as I walked the temperature started to drop and the wind picked up foretelling a change in the weather.

Sharp days are ahead.


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