The sun on my back

white chair in sunI am in my studio today following a windy weekend. The last of the clouds have scudded north and the sun is warming my back as I sit at my desk. It is a good day to be inside as the temperature was bitingly cold this morning, foretelling even colder days to come. This weekend was open studios, fairly busy in spite of the wind-driven rain. Next month is the big double weekend open studios, so I have to get on my to do list and be ready. right now it feels as if December is quite a ways off, but a look at the calendar tells me otherwise. I need to get things ready for the office party shoppers and secret Santa family get togethers, all without the help of any elves! As anyone who makes and sells items knows, it is very hard to guess what will catch a shopper’s eye. everyone’s tastes and budgets are different. Right now the sun is moving faster than I am, accomplishing at a steady pace while I re-energize in the rays. But soon it will creep by and I will need to stir myself to action, the sun won’t do the tasks for me. I have my list at hand, so best get after it. And so starts another week.


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