Setting sail


Last week while I was at the studio I took a couple unneeded items up to the free-cycle area and found this kite. I wanted to take it to display for no other reason than it was so cool. But I opted instead to take it with me in photo form only. I like the way the lace pattern shows up on the sails, the colors, the jaunty nature of the ship and the smile it brought to my face.       It felt as if it was preparing for a new journey that would take it to unknown shores.

Maybe if it is still there next week I will take it after all.


The falling snow


Today was our first real snowfall, and I was itching to get out and take photos. But I had to content myself with using my phone to get pictures from inside work looking out, and on the drive home it was too risky to pull over just for an image. But oh the wonderful images I saw pass by. So, now buttoned up safely indoors as the snow falls outside and night edges closer, I watch the snow coat the branches and see the snowplow pass by. The world is basically black and white, with only a hint of evergreen showing though. Work was quiet,and we closed early, but this was the view from a front window looking down on the main street as the snow started to accumulate. It seems like an idyllic view; the quiet street, the coating of snow and the clear curving path linking the two levels. It is a lovely view.

A bit of quiet


One of my favorite parts of getting out in the countryside with my camera is the quiet I encounter. I am one of those people who enjoys silence more than noise, and doesn’t find solitude uncomfortable. No doubt this is partially because it is optional, no jailer or malady has thrust it upon me and is enforcing it. When it is a choice solitude can be a delight.

There are even times in the city that quiet can be found, as the hum of traffic fades into the background. But it is a kinetic quiet more like white noise. In either place the chirp of birds seems to be a constant as they flit from perch to perch. When I was out and got this image, there was almost no noise to be heard. An occasional car would pass, my feet caused the leaves to rustle as I shooshed through them, and a few chirps could be heard. But I was mainly engulfed in that restful sort of quiet that seems to fill every corner of your being and wash you clean.

A touch of winter

A touch of winter

The weather has turned much colder, but at least I am not near Buffalo, NY this week. Our back stream is rushing by as if it wants to get to warmer climes, but in its wake are a variety of ice sculptures. They are fascinating to see, some dance on the end of branches dipping in and out of the water, some are entire stretches hanging from branches over the water. The light catches them and cast rainbows off the curves, and none of the ice sculptures are melting at this point. The season has made the turn towards winter with all the variety it brings. It is harder to get out of a warm bed in the morning to hit the trail, but the dark closes in so early that an evening walk is ruled out. It always takes me a little bit to adjust to the shift in the schedule, the scarcity of daylight hours, the biting cold not offset by the sunrise. But, eventually I do because I don’t want to miss a thing. The day passes regardless of what I get done, so my goal is to always accomplish something. It may not be something spectacular, maybe just cleaning the junk drawer, but that is no small feat even if it isn’t the same as a hike. Speaking of which, it is almost time to tackle that drawer again. Maybe after the sun goes down, first I want to get out this afternoon and see the pond in the woods just down my street. I hope there will be a nice skim of ice on it, and some nice texture in the fall grasses. either way, getting out is the goal.

Change in the weather


It was supposed to snow last night, that first 1″ that highlights the branches and grasses

and is gone by noon is what I was hoping for.

But it rained instead.

I went out anyhow in the early light to see what the woods had to offer.

It was quiet except for the sound of water drops hitting the last of the foliage, no birds seemed to be in a singing mood,

no squirrels scampered about.

I found a couple patches of grainy snow here and there, but well less than 1/4 of an inch,

but every branch had a string of water drops on it making a prism of the woods when the sun hit it.

I made my way around the end of the pond and down the trail, looking and looking at the November scenery.

The last of the leaves are clinging here and there, but the structure of the woods is exposed. It is a great time to be out on the trail as there are new views to see and the crunch of leaves underfoot to be a companion as I go.

Even as I walked the temperature started to drop and the wind picked up foretelling a change in the weather.

Sharp days are ahead.