There at a distance


Early Friday before work I headed out along country roads, stopping when something caught my eye and generally enjoying the chance to be out and about. The morning was distantly foggy, reflecting the light in odd ways and softening some of the edges. This shot is from a nondescript wide spot on a quiet road which offered a great view to the west and great detail up close in the water. Swamps are great places to get long open shots like this that seem to stretch on and on into the distance. New Hampshire is so heavily forested now that it can be hard to find views like this except from higher elevations. I believe in the 1800’s the overwhelming majority of the state was cleared of trees for farmland, pastures and logging, now I think it is close to 80% forested. Which makes for great leaf peeking autumns that is certain, and I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts. We haven’t had a killing frost yet, but the temperatures are beginning to dip lower and lower each night as the sunsets earlier and earlier. When the frost comes the last of the leaves will turn, and fall in drifts along the roads and in crunchy circles under the trees on lawns. I always laugh when I think of how we handle leaves now. Once they could be burnt in your yard, imparting a signature scent of fall. Or people would insulate the outside of the houses foundation with them for the winter. Most leaves were raked up and ended up in piles at the back of properties to become dirt. Now the idea seems to be to buy brown paper leaf bags and have them hauled off on garbage day as if they are trash. It seems an odd way to handle them, yet I see driveway after driveway with rows of these bags standing at attention awaiting pickup. I guess leaves no longer decompose the way they used to, a most unexpected evolutionary event. 😉


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