Softly into fall



Rain last night pushed through and out this morning leaving behind a glittering day. The prefect time to get out on the trail for a quick hike to enjoy the sunlight on the leaves. Other than the occasional birdsong and chipmunk chatter there was only the wind in the trees. My footsteps were muted by the carpet of wet leaves as I walked along. The wind and rain did a number on the foliage, but there is enough yet to change that future treks should be lovely. Fall days encourage a bit of hastening as the awareness of shorter days becomes acute, the sun that just a couple weeks ago was still out at 7 is all but gone by 6. The morning light is struggling in just before 7, so the hours in between have a sweetness due to the dwindling number to enjoy. I think that is why the colors make us feel so exuberant,  the seasonal colors are heightened by the brevity of the show. As if we are taking in all the colors we can to hold us over until spring colors arrive.


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