Be-floor and after



Be-floor and after

When I first got my studio the floor was part of the appeal. But after an additional 3 years of foot traffic and general wear it was tired, and even repeated moppings didn’t help. It was time to do something. Carpet was not an option, and vinyl just didn’t seem to fit the bill or the budget, so repainting was the way to go. Of course we all know that when it comes to painting it is never just about the painting, there is the moving of stuff from one place to another, the clean up, prep, purchasing and then finally the actual painting one the first coat. The the second, then watching it dry, relocating all the stuff to the dry side to paint the rest. Then setting everything back up and doing touch ups where the paint got scratched. But it got done, and looked fresh and clean just in time for the citywide open studios. Hopefully with this being porch paint it will hold up and clean up a bit better and look good for some time. (The color for anyone who wants to know is cool rain, Valspar paint.)

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