Falling across the tracks


It was my good fortune to be out today on the bridge by the studios when I saw this image. I love the way the fallen leaves look like spilled paint on the tracks. Luckily they are still fresh and bright, and no train has gone by to stir them up. It was just by chance that I saw this as I had originally planned on turning right out of the studio road and at the last moment turned left and stayed on this side of the road. I hope to have a chance to get another image on Monday after more leaves have fallen. But am glad I didn’t pass up the chance to get it today. Trains will pass, wind will blow, the sun and rain will do their work and the colors just might not be there on Monday. This weekend is Lowell Open Studios, a citywide art event that hopefully will bring in a good number of visitors to the mill. You can just see a corner of the building in the corner of the picture, and there is a buzz of activity as preparations are made for the friends and family dinner tonight and the big weekend. It was all my activity and preparations that sent me out for a quick walk resulting in this image. Now I feel pretty much all ready to open up tomorrow, just a few final things to do. The biggest was to get the floor all painted and the new prints framed up, now that both are done I can relax just a bit and enjoy the afternoon.


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