Along the way


I got out on a quick hike early on Sunday following a rainy night which left moisture clinging to the trees. There was much to see even though I have walked here many times before, and this was one of the views that this time seemed to come together nicely. I like how all the elements came together to create a sense of a sheltered path, screening the distance just enough to make the whole scene feel intimate. It was the break I needed before taking on an overdue task. I am on my last stretch of getting the studio put back together after painting the floor Sunday and Monday. It looks great and disorganized at the same time as I get things put in place and move some stuff out. The process is exhausting, but the only way to the end is through it and I am soldiering on. I could almost put my head on the computer keyboard and fall right to sleep,

but that would result in several things:

1. A forehead full on keyboard key dents

2. No progress towards my goal of finishing the project at hand


3. Potentially a post with lines like the following,


Since none of those are desirable outcomes, I will wrap this up and get back to the sorting and shifting, and along the way enjoy the new space as it evolves.

Have a great weekend!


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