Lowell morning commute

8-25-2014_008Early one morning I happened to catch this duck on its solitary commute. There is a busy road that runs over this section of the canal, but the duck appears to not be bothered by it at all, keeping to its own path. Lucky to not be caught in the street traffic, able to move at its own pace on the water. The fact that Lowell is part and parcel of a National Park means that the city has the advantage of still having many scenes such as this. Luckily the canals weren’t filled in for building lots once the mill industries went south in search of cheaper wages. Having the canals still in place gives birds a chance to gather for water and paddling about, people a chance to see water in both river and canal form, and gives a glimpse of  the history of the place. Waterways vary and divide the city-scape in a way that feels natural now due to how long they have been in place, at the time they were built it probably felt chaotic. No doubt travel patterns and some homes were disrupted as this huge project got underway. The landscape of our memories tend to be limited to our time in a place, which is why we look at old photos and try to match them up with scenes we know. Lowell feels a bit like a time capsule in spots and a place reinventing itself in others. I guess this is true of many places, though some seem to be less about preserving and more about the bright and new.


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