A touch of autumn

PhotoEditor_1410712521561While I was out walking I passed this roadside tableau. It is set up to catch the eye, not for actual purchases. Spring, summer and fall each have a slightly different look, winter the snowbanks are too high to get a good look. The season is turning away from summer and toward autumn days. The frogs are fewer and quieter at night, the coyotes noisier and there is a chill in the air that speaks of cooler days ahead. I have only seen a few spots of color here and there, nothing that is making a loud statement of fall, not yet, those days are still ahead those getting closer. The threat of a frost last night further north was mentioned, earlier than many years. But in my neck of the woods there was no risk, we could continue to think fall was still down the road a ways. I look forward to the colors of fall, the smells, the light, but not the early darkness they bring. Seeing it getting dark in the afternoon is not invigorating, much like dark winter mornings aren’t when I am snuggled warmly in my bed. But this is how the seasons go, and each day brings another season a bit closer. For now I will enjoy these waning days of summer, the last blooms in the garden and then I will turn my face to autumn.


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