Getting moving

morning reflectionI am trying to summon up the energy to get up and moving this morning. At the moment I feel anchored in place, tugging gently at the line, but not quite able to get in motion. The sun is bright and the breeze is fresh so I know I will get underway soon. It is just right now, at this moment I am content to rock gently in place and think about it. These boats are ones used to take tours along the canals along the mills. The summer being over they will see fewer and fewer groups during the week, then the weekend numbers will slow and the tours will be done for the year. But at the moment they too are awaiting the moment to get in motion. I have to get out and see what is up, my new schedule has kept me from hitting the streets to get pictures, so today being a free and clear day is the day. I have a show to visit before it closes tomorrow, and streets to meander down. This will probably require a snack first to fuel me on my way, and a few more moments of contemplating the whole adventure of getting back out and about. Then I will be off and underway to see what I will see.


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