September 5th

pencil_sketch_1406842031472 (1)Already. Way back in July I agreed to fill in an unexpected vacancy at a local library to hang an exhibit in their meeting room for September. Because September seems so far away in July! Today was the day to get everything up on the walls. But of course before that can be done, selections need to be made, re-ordering done, framing done, stacking done, transporting to the car, then out of the car into the building, then laying it out. Then the displaying can begin and all the shifting and numbering and wiping down. Thank goodness the room had the AC on!

Two and a half hours and 33 images later I was back out in the car, trying to get the accumulated hot air out before turning on that AC and heading back to the fairly empty studio to collapse! I had a goal of how many shows I hoped to set up or be in this year, and this lucky break was too good to pass up, 1 more small one this month and 2 online ones to go. The show looks great, the opening is tomorrow, my shoulders are aching and it is passed time for lunch. But the show is up all month, and right now the end of September seems so far away!


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