As it slips in

8-8-2014_037Last month, while out on the river-walk, I came upon this harbinger of fall. The blossoms were from stands of plants that lined the walk giving bees ample nectar to enjoy. It seemed early for the leaves and blossoms to be falling, but there they were like confetti on the granite path. The urgent buzz of the bees told me that they knew time was shifting towards months of no flowers. I am not sure I am ready to let fall slip in, but it won’t ask my permission anyhow. I just have to be open to it. This is a fall of change that is different from previous ones. It feels momentous, maybe it is being back at a job, or being down to only 1 child at home, or several pending shows to get underway. I am not sure, but this approaching fall feels like one where I will be going in many different, unexpected directions. so as I drink my tea this morning I am going to do so in quiet, taking the time to listen to the cicadas and the breeze. It feels necessary.


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