One door closes

PhotoEditor_1408359704298On Wednesday this door will be part of yet another life transition as our daughter heads off to college. As this door closes it will redefine what “home” is to her. Most likely she will not realize it, but I do, knowing that she is stepping out in a way that severs the childhood connection to home. Which is as it should be, the change from child to adult, to childhood home to first apartment, condo house, and what will come after college. And though she might live here again it will have shifted in her mind as her life expands to embrace other possibilities. Home will start to shrink as the world opens up to her. It is a bittersweet week as the days drop to hours and then to minutes. This same door that saw her come in as an infant, and in and out over the intervening years, will see her leave and take flight into the world as she hasn’t done before. We all have had those moments, the last time we walk through our first apartment, childhood home, workplace. I don’t recall my leaving for college day as the end of an era, but I do recall the final stretch in my first apartment. The “this is the last time I will…walk up these steps, see that tree, fix a meal here” and so on that made me so aware of the passage of time. My daughter’s bedroom will not become a study or sewing room, but more of a quasi museum awaiting her visits so she can stand in the door and wonder about the girl she was. It is as it should be.



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