Taking a deep breath


8-4-2014_026I am starting a new job tomorrow after some time searching, applying, interviewing and such. So today is the last day I can do as I please, and I am taking deep breaths of it. My schedule will be shifting and take some getting used to, and there will need to be some serious car juggling as 3 cars 4 people working can be touchy. I can juggle though, I learned how in college, but not with cars. Practice will be called for. So, here I am off on a new adventure. Of course as soon as I applied for the job and then ultimately accepted it the gargoyle perched in my mind began to screech that I had no idea what I was getting into and what was I thinking, gargoyles are good for that. However, I only nodded and kept on with what needed to be done, like check to see if I even had enough “real person” clothes for work, and proper footwear. It is a bit thin in both areas, as I have been mainly wearing durable 511 pants most days, and hikers. So, a bit of updating is in the works. Shoes today and shirts this weekend as I have enough to get by for a few days. Luckily I got jeans some months ago as jean shopping can be touch and go. And so I am set to pack a lunch, notebook, pen and head off for my first day back in the official workforce. Hopefully the gargoyle is distracted by the new surroundings and pays me no attention!


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