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I love to sove big!


Good to know how conscientious they are about cleanliness!


I wonder how opeming night will go.

no idle waiting

So, if I’m knitting, writing, organizing the car trunk or doing calf stretches I can wait here?

Gotta love funny signs!!


Week 5 ends

IMG_20140816_095549_812Time has continued to pass as the fight for Market Basket has resulted in numerous parking lots looking like this one. This was taken mid morning on a Saturday, normally the lot is packed and the store bustling. Of the 71 stores, the lots all look similar to this one.The end of week 5 is drawing to a close with rumors of final bids going in today. To step inside the store is to see two contrasting views: very few shoppers if any, one register staffed and yet the store is spotless as employees have used their time to paint and clean every inch, even carts. I find it sad that Market Basket is considered “a rare case in the business world” (Boston Globe). That is not how it should be, fair pay,  decent working conditions and good bosses should not be the exception, yet we let it be so as it is so hard to find big corporations that see money as the end goal at all costs. Market Basket (until recently) did make money, but not on the backs of workers and customers. The concept of quality at a fair price should not be a rarity, yet too often it is. I find it heartwarming that the customers have backed the workers, choosing longer drives and higher prices at other stores. It gives a feel of everyone in it together in a way that Occupy Wall St could not locally obtain in spite of the anger felt towards the actions of big banks. This is local, personal to so many people. How have we allowed so many big businesses to gain so much control that we are at the whim of those at the top? Is it that the lure of plastic at cheap prices is too strong a call to resist, to buy what we don’t need  in an attempt to fill empty spots left by jobs that don’t make ends meet or provide any real future? Workers have stood firm in the face of firings, hour reductions, threats of layoffs, customers have supported them by not shopping at the stores, suppliers have supported them by cancelling contracts until Arthur T is back in control. That should be enough to remind us all of why we prefer a democracy, the chance to say “Enough greed already!” Which side will prevail is still not clear, but I do know each time we lose employee/customer centered businesses we lose a bit more control over how things are run. But hey, I guess as long as there are customizable credit cards, phone cases and the like, much the populace can fool be fooled into thinking their lives are not being controlled by the corporate world.

One door closes

PhotoEditor_1408359704298On Wednesday this door will be part of yet another life transition as our daughter heads off to college. As this door closes it will redefine what “home” is to her. Most likely she will not realize it, but I do, knowing that she is stepping out in a way that severs the childhood connection to home. Which is as it should be, the change from child to adult, to childhood home to first apartment, condo house, and what will come after college. And though she might live here again it will have shifted in her mind as her life expands to embrace other possibilities. Home will start to shrink as the world opens up to her. It is a bittersweet week as the days drop to hours and then to minutes. This same door that saw her come in as an infant, and in and out over the intervening years, will see her leave and take flight into the world as she hasn’t done before. We all have had those moments, the last time we walk through our first apartment, childhood home, workplace. I don’t recall my leaving for college day as the end of an era, but I do recall the final stretch in my first apartment. The “this is the last time I will…walk up these steps, see that tree, fix a meal here” and so on that made me so aware of the passage of time. My daughter’s bedroom will not become a study or sewing room, but more of a quasi museum awaiting her visits so she can stand in the door and wonder about the girl she was. It is as it should be.


Making time

Muldoon clockNow that I am working I have to rearrange my days to fit everything in, whereas when I was footloose and fancy free just 2 weeks ago I could come and go as I pleased. It is a bit of a rough fit right now as everything is trying to fall into place, jostling for position and trying to have some semblance of smoothness. The first 2 weeks of work are over, and I am trying to remember everything that I was shown before the person training me left for their new job. Needless to say the best notes often miss a step that is crucial yet seemed too obvious to make note of. But I am enjoying it, the challenges of learning a new job is exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time.  So I am taking it one step at a time, one hour at a time and not letting tasks get forgotten. It will all become habit soon enough, and there are likely to be mistakes and oversights along the way, that is part of learning. As I had today off I used the sliver of free time between picking up my daughter from a friend’s and errands to get a few pieces framed for the upcoming shows, because I know September is way closer than I think it is! Even though I only got half the pieces framed that I’d hoped, I am that much closer to being done. Plus I realized I was a few frames short and was able to get an order in so that it will arrive in time. In some ways working will force me to be even more efficient with my time, with the added benefit of getting a paycheck. Yet I know there will be glorious fall days that I only see from the desk, that is the trade-off. But because I have goals I hope to reach it is a trade-off I am willing to make.

Summer seating


My wisteria didn’t bloom again this summer, but it has healthy and vigorous tendrils that I try to contain. The bench below it has managed to remain free of the growth and makes a lovely, shady place to sit. But carefully…as it is an old bench more for decoration than use. I am trying to take hold of each of these quickly vanishing summer days by eating breakfast outside every chance I get, and dinner and lunch too! I feel as if there are too many things to try to see, enjoy and generally take in each week, and it becomes  a matter of being reasonable about what to choose. It is too easy to be so torn between options that time makes the decision and nothing ends up being chosen. Yet some summer days are meant for lolling and just enjoying the fact that they are…

summer days.

120 School St.



It is obvious by looking at this door that the letter slot on the left harkens back to a pre junk mail era. Back to when people actually got letters. There would be little chance of it holding up to the onslaught of catalogs, flyers, bills and such that arrive  daily now. It also refers to when this house was a single family home, not a series of apartments. What really caught my eye though was the iridescent glass-like doorknob glinting in the early light. It had the loveliest shades of purple in it. It seemed so fresh and shiny against the worn wood of the door, the slapdash paint job revealing the previous colors underneath. I like that there is the ghost of a keyhole under the knob, letting the viewer know a tiny bit about the changes the door has undergone. It is like a little footnote. What a wonderful door.