Right now there are so many things I am bridging as I move from one place in life to the next. A child off to college, a potential new job, an unexpected September show, even a new phone with all the differences in features to name just a few. Not all are seamless, actually none of them are. (You wouldn’t think phone would be on the list, but new technology can be a challenge!) I have been tackling the phone and the show as they are the only things I can have a modicum of control over. Either I will get the job or I won’t. The child will get off to college whether she packs ahead or the night before. The show is basically all set, just some images to frame and the chosen ones to hang. Which brings me to the phone. I gave in and got a smart phone so I can accept debit and credit cards, and give the camera a try. I am still of the mindset that a phone is for making calls on, not game playing or snap chatting. That being said I really like having the calendar, calculator and note pad as it cuts down on things to carry around. The camera I do enjoy, and I did on my old non smart phone, it is nice to have on hand for when I don’t want to carry a big camera. It does take some getting used to, but I am managing. As far as some of the other features, I probably have more than I will ever use.

A real first world problem: “more than I will ever use.”

Phones are so jammed packed with features that even the bells and whistles have bells and whistles!


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