Starting the week off

7-20-2014_058An on again off again rain is starting this final week of July, fern weather. Of which we have had a fair amount of this summer. But it makes the ferns cheerful and convivial. Today will be one of those days where lights are needed and it is hard to tell what time of day it is. I have a myriad of errands over this week that all seem to be in different directions so no easy path can be laid out to accomplish them. The only thing I can do it check off each as it gets done in its own time, and try to figure out a loop that can accommodate as many as possible each trip. Some weeks are like that, scattered tasks that seem to have no relation to each other. Yet there must be a thread somewhere hidden deep in the weave that I just can’t see because I am so busy looking at all the separate threads and wondering how they come together. They will though and everything will get done by Friday, maybe even sooner if I just chip away at them methodically.

And now I am off to begin the chipping!


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