Go 4th and celebrate freedom



Freedom, such and elusive thing. Desired by so many, feared by so many who view it as a loss of control (aka their secure position). How long can freedom stay in place is impossible to determine as there are so many variables that can boost or eat away at the freedoms we have. What is seen as an infringement to one, is seen as a necessity by another. Such a tenuous balancing act. And yet we all know that the golden rule is basically the foundation for a free society, and shift and justify our interpretation of it. I try to remember that everyone is fighting their own tough battles, to treat people equitably, and do the right thing. It is an ongoing task that is easier some days than others. This 4th of July I will be able to enjoy being free in any number of ways, many that will probably pass me by unnoticed due to the good fortune of where and when I was born. I will indeed, go 4th and celebrate.



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