Mapping the year



June 30th already! Half of the year is behind me, which seems hard to take in. So, on the last day of the first half of 2014 I am taking stock of progress, stalls and diversions that have occurred this year. Not in a finger shaking, “look where you slipped up” sort of way, but more as a “where have I gone, what have I accomplished as a result”  statement. I still have half a year to get back on track, choose a new track or retrace steps if needed. Heck, if I want I can even treat tonight as another New Year’s Eve moment and list my intentions and goals. It is never to late to make them and try to attain them. So, since I do have a bottle of sparkling cider leftover from company I might just pop the top and celebrate a year half done and the achievements behind and ahead. Making the most of the future that is here right now! It is, after all, where I am .

Colored circles 2014 calendar for kids



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