Beyond simple sand castles


On Monday I went out to Hampton Beach to enjoy the shore and see the results of the sand sculpting contest held over the weekend. They are simply amazing to see, all that work and detail on something so fleeting. It is the first year I have gotten out to see them and really take in the artistry, they usually show the stages of the contest on the local news, but seeing them up close is so much better.



This one was my favorite. The peaceful expression is so beautiful.

The beach was fairly crowded in spite of it being a workday, but there was ample room at the railing for people to get a good look. It seemed everyone was held in the same thrall at the skill and chosen designs of the artists. The rain storms over the last couple of days probably did a fair amount of damage to the sculptures so I’m glad I didn’t dilly-dally in going to see them, plus it was a good reason to go to the beach for the afternoon!


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