Summer 6 pack

Summer books

Looking for something to toss in the beach bag or just for enjoying on your deck?

Here are 6 books that are great options, add them to your list!

  1. The Manor: three centuries on a slave plantation on Long Island by Mac Griswold. Right from the title you know this is going to be a story you want to know the background on. An amazing chance to dig through unexplored history of a house kept in the same family. (non fiction)
  2. The Forest House: a year’s journey into the landscape of love, loss and starting over by Joelle Fraser. Don’t be deterred by the subtitle of this book, it is a wonderful story and beautifully written. There are many lovely lines throughout and it is not at all just about the grief of loss. (non fiction)
  3. All the Way Home:  building a family in a falling-down house by David Giffels.  This book explores the desire to find a place to make home, and the work that goes into making that happen. But it is also the history of a house as it becomes someone else’s home. (non fiction)
  4. Maisie Dobbs (book 1) by Jacqueline Winspear. A bit of mystery for summer reading, this first book in the Maisie series is set in the years following what will become the First World War. Maisie’s story is told as she branches out to become an investigator in England following a most unusual education.  (fiction)
  5. Local Wonders: seasons in the Bohemian Alps by Ted Kooser. A lovely book of place unknown to many of us. Kooser does a terrific job at capturing and sharing his surroundings in every chapter. A great book for reading and putting down while you mull over what you read. (non fiction)
  6. The Life and Tines of the thunderbolt Kid: a memoir by Bill Bryson. Laugh out loud funny as many of his books are, you really can’t go wrong with any of his books. This one covers his childhood in all its hilarity, and it is likely you will end up reading parts aloud so someone else can enjoy the humor. (memoir)

I could list even more books, but I know how everyone hopes for a 6 pack for the summer!


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