The former Cass Technical High School in Detroit is where Andrew Moore took this great image of a plain old classroom clock that has been transformed into something beyond its original form.

A wonderful piece of surrealism.

It speaks of so many things not specific only to Detroit, but to anywhere that things have turned out vastly different from the dream its inception.

Detroit Disassembled

Andrew Moore (Detroit Disassembled)

A few weeks ago while I was out and about I came across my own version on Andrew Moore’s clock.

melting dartboard


A dartboard left exposed to the elements on the side of a shed. Time and weather had all but eliminated the details of the face, but just enough remained peeking out from the battered surface to let me know what it was.  How did the dartboard come to be hung outside, left out to face the elements and ultimately left behind instead of being thrown out? Its deteriorated state makes it basically useless as a dartboard, it instead just becomes a piece of art. Much like the clock it was probably hung with great hopes of a future filled with fun and chatter. Both now hang alone, their faces gazing out on silent spaces, their original purposes now long gone they have become art.


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