The tales patina might tell

old doorknob

I love the patina this old door has, and the worn yet still ornate doorknob that speaks of so many hands turning it as they came and went. Newly made doors and doorknobs don’t have the same history, and so simply look nice. They need a hundred years of use and thousands of hands to transfer that sense of a story to tell. The keyhole in this door seems to almost beckon us to take a peek, as if we can look into the past and know what those stories might have been. It is a bit like looking down a tunnel even though this door wasn’t that thick. Maybe it is a flight of fancy to read so much into a few old pieces of paint chipped wood and a worn out doorknob, but it is the sort of flight I like to go one. No luggage, no searches, I can bring any size drink I want, in short none of the hassles of air travel. It is interesting to know the provenance of items, to know part of their stories, but just as fun to make them up on our own. Weaving the stories as we would wish them to be.


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