On the way there

Farm to Market Road


I pass this view regularly on my way to or from visits to family in NY. I like how the name Farm to Market Road tells you a bit of the history. Both of the barns shown in this image are at, shall we say, reduced use. Just over the hill a crop of cookie cutter McMansions have taken root on roads with signs that alternate between paying homage to what the land was once used for and up market names. Our local mall is called pheasant Lane, and I remember when there were only a few scattered, old cape style houses there. Kessler Farms apartments, condos and detached dwellings was built on the old site of the Kessler Farm. I expect many of the residents don’t even know that just a scant 25 years ago the road they pull out onto was just 2 lanes, and had been dirt not too long before that. But to be fair, I never knew the old Slover Store that stood on the corner by my childhood home. It existed only in an old photo that made me feel like I had uncovered a mystery when I saw it as a 7 year old. It tilted my world to realize that there had been other stories on the land I knew as my yard. Farm to Market Road. So clear in what it is and the reason for it, I like that there is a consistency there to remind of us how food came from the farms we passed. I am glad that it wasn’t renamed Bryn Mar Road, or some other pretentious name. There is a nice solidity, almost a comfort to be drawn from the name as it is.


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