The path to summer

9-11-2011_079It looks like we are due for another wet Memorial Day weekend here in the New England area. But I am hoping that the weather reporters are being pessimistic, that the rain will end today and not continue over the weekend. It might, it might not. I hope it does for all those planning cookouts, graduation parties, tournaments and camping trips. As we basically lost spring this year it is a shame to lose the start of the summer stretch. But there you have it, weather does what it will.   I look forward to summer, that idealized version we hold in our minds of long days to meander through, that sense of timelessness that summer seems to bring. Not unlike when being snowbound brings in the winter. Childhood days are like that, unbound by time. Or at least they used to be, maybe now that sense of a boundless amount of summer is gone. I hope not, as it is a wonderful sensation to feel that each day is overflowing with potential adventure and that your time is your own. As adults we are so bound up by timetables, both our own and those imposed on us, that we are rarely able to have days of aimless wandering in which to recharge. This weekend, rain or shine, try to carve out a niche of time for something that makes you feel footloose and fancy free.



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