Vent and be done


Yesterday was a day that devolved into petty annoyances for each member of my family. A complaint about the end result of a project from someone who had no intention of doing the job to begin with. A notice that because the orientation (which is June 5th or 12th) had not been attended yet the spot in the class, which begins June 3rd, had been given away. The return of a project requesting “it be fixed” with no indication of what needed fixing. And a boss to busy dithering and fearful about making a decision that nothing gets done.

Bothersome? Yes. Irksome? Yes. Irritating? Yes.

And yet…we are not:

in a refugee camp, bedridden with an illness, hungry (really hungry), homeless, or alone. Which really puts the gnat-like irritations in perspective. The project- every other person has been happy with. The class notice- the professor has been contacted to see if he will squeeze in one more student that really wants to be there. The 2nd project- well it is the last of the year and if there is no direction from the teacher to clarify not much can be done. The boss- some are just ineffective, and work arounds are put in place to accomplish what needs to get done for the bosses further up.

And so, even though the situations are like nails on a chalkboard, they are manageable, and this too shall pass.

Things will work themselves out without my making them into bigger problems.


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