(I know what happened here)

(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)






I drive by this house daily and nothing seemed out of place, until last week when obviously a disruption in the ordinary daily events had occurred.

But first, let me give you the background story so you understand how I reached my conclusion.

Last year or so, as my daughters and I drove by we saw a small boy, about 5 years old or so, on the porch. He was poking at a garden gnome that was perched on the railing of the porch, forcing it closer and closer to the edge until it toppled off and fell to the ground. Now, had I not seen the site in this state I would have just chuckled about the antics of small children and thought no more about it.

But I could not.

Because those antics resulted in the current state of affairs, and because I had read

garden gnome book

shortly before seeing the altercation between the boy and gnome.

And I knew the dangerous course of events the child had unknowing put into motion.

Given the suddenness of the change from ordinary house to the scene shown above, I believe that there is little doubt the gnomes took their revenge for the attack on their fellow gnome. I mean, what else could it be that could cause such damage? It isn’t like people tend to leave houses a total wreck when they move out, right?  It is obvious that the occupants fled from the scene in  great haste (…if they got away at all), leaving belongings scattered everywhere. The rooms still have toys in them, there is a tv on the porch, furniture here and there and other assorted household debris.  I think it is clear, don’t mess with garden gnomes.

They are watching,

they are organized,

and they are here.


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