Phone home

(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)


Remember the days before car/cell/smart phones?

When phones were things that crouched in phone nooks in the hall or hung on the kitchen wall?

And no one had answering machines, but party lines, busy signals, phone operators and switchboards still existed?

When a long distance call was an event and usually someone ended it loudly with- “You’re going to own the phone company!”  When the phone company actually owned your phone, good old Ma Bell.

Want to talk to a friend? It would be done publicly there in the kitchen,

unless the phone had a long enough cord to reach the hall closet.

Most phones were black with, though some flashier people actually paid more for colorful ones like these.

And remember these?

pay phone

You had to have change on you or call collect! Do kids even know what that means these days?

Pay phones would sometimes even have phonebooks! Imagine that!

It was a different world, we all managed. Phones didn’t need to be smart, they just needed to send and allow calls. If you weren’t home, the caller called back. Or in small towns the operator would tell the caller where you had gone.

But what have we lost?

Now we get to hear everyones private conversations. More time is spent looking at the screen on the phone than at the person acrossed the table. And actually calling and talking to someone is seen to be hopelessly old fashioned.

Apparently the old British style phone boxes are being removed or repurposed as a result. Now they are tiny libraries, scrap material and items for decorating with. Though you can get a cover for you smart phone that is the old phone box design.  Ah well, such is progress.

Feeling nostalgic? You can actually buy old phones, and probably the various types of pay phone boxes.


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