The brilliant green of spring


Though it happens every year, the first blast of green that appears always takes me by surprise. It is such a welcome sight. So are the red buds that fall from the maples before the leaves come out, and the sunny faces of dandelions that start to dot the lawns. It is so good to see the colors of spring and see the return of the bees to their activity in the garden. The last of my snow has been gone for about a week and a half, so now the season is starting to take hold and show its colors. I have no idea what this plant actually is, I saw it by the side of the road along a trail and stopped to get a good look at it.


All the way up the hill the plants crouched by the stream, catching the spray from the little falls and generally brightening up the scene. Maybe they are some sort of woodland hosta, they seem similar in design, but it really doesn’t matter, they were a sight for sore eyes. Soon the other woodland plants will fill in and these will lose their time in the limelight (sorry for the pun), but for now they are center stage in the show of early spring color.




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