A curious thing these shadows


My mom always has geraniums that she overwinters which fill the cold days with a splash of color. It is a sign of her frugal upbringing that has always stuck with her, waste not. And so each fall, in come the pots to take up their winter residence.  They love to sit in the southern facing windows and soak up the warmth. In a few weeks they will go back out on the porch to ring the edge all summer. I have not had luck keeping geraniums from year to year, possibly due to not having a big south-facing window, or maybe just due to lack of intent. My eye was caught by the lovely shadow cast by the plant one morning, it made all the difference in the image. So often that is the case, that a tiny thing changes how we see something.  I spent a bit of time walking around the rooms I grew up in, taking photos here and there and appreciating the shadows. Both the ones I could see, and the ones I could only sense.


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