Birding about

Love Birds by Trevor Silvester Have some free time this weekend and need a few laughs? Find out what type of bird you are in Silvester’s book. While you can’t take the tests for someone else to figure out their type, it is so much fun to do together. Self, spouse, kids, friends and on. I laughed so hard at some of the apt descriptions that I had to stop and collect myself. Written in  segments based on the results you get make it a very quick read. Not a peacock? Then you skip the peacock section. The selection of birds is good too as there are no hawks, eagles, vultures or turkeys that already have strong associations attached to them. It is a fun and easy way to sort out the traits that we have, love or make us crazy without anyone feeling like an odd duck. So why not give it a go, enjoy the humor and come home to roost this weekend.

(For the record, I am a kingfisher. It explains so much!)





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