Catching pieces of spring

rocks by wildflower loop trail

Snow is still clinging to much of the ground here, but occasionally I come upon a spot that has caught a piece of the spring sky and is holding it tight. It give the ground a bit of color that is otherwise delayed by the cold temperatures we have had this past month. But wait! There is a sap-sicle on the tree! It must mean the sap is rising, though probably not the way maple syrup producers would have liked. They need cold night and warm days starting weeks ago for a good syrup season. This sap-sicle is from squirrels scraping through the bark to access the sweet sap just below.

3-28-2014_003The squirrels may feel the advent of spring, but old man chiminea just seems weary of the long, cold winter.

He is sunk in dreams of warmer days.

old man chiminea



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