Spring training

spring trainingIt is that time of year, the mud squelches under my feet, the wind has a softer touch, small flowers start to appear. The long-awaited season of spring arrives, that brief interlude between cold and black fly season when working outdoors is possible.All in all though I like spring, much as I like the other seasons, each has a special flavor that is unto itself and can’t be replicated. Sure occasionally there will be a spring like winter day, or a touch of fall in the summer, but generally they are anomalies that serve to highlight how quickly the seasons slide by. This year I am anxious to get out and hit the trails or sidewalks, to see what freshness the season has on show. I will limber myself up to be ready. Even mud will be no barrier, though I might need a pair of wellies to keep my feet dry. Just the anticipation of spring causes a sort of giddiness not generally seen outside of the teenage years. Yesterday was spring’s official opening day, and it was picture perfect.  I am not put off by the forecast of snow or cold at this point, the snowbanks have receded to crusty piles and the sap is starting to run. I know in my heart spring is near.



3 thoughts on “Spring training

  1. aloha Rebecca. wow. i see i’ve been missing some good stuff on your blog.

    i know you know i’ve been working in haibun. this writing strikes me as a great prose write to accompany haiku. which is of course the format of haibun.

    now i want some wellies (yeah, i know what they are, altho we call them something else) because i like this Spring you speak of. and your approach and thoughts to it. very cool.

    and. . . . just so you know. i’m attempting the nomination you gave to me. thank you. laugh. it may well be the only one i ever do. fun on that. we should all do something at least once, yes? ha again. and thank you too. aloha. rick

    • Hi Rick, Thanks. I am enjoying your haibun posts and the flow of them. I guess I could have used galoshes instead of wellies, but wellies just sounds more spring like. I agree with your view of the versatile blogger award, it is a nice change of pace as it puts you on a different path for a bit. Have a great week!

      • aloha Rebecca. i’m glad you are enjoying the haibun. the form has really taken me in. it’s just too fun to put down.

        oh. i think wellies works fine. i think USAers can figure it out. if not we probably should figure it out. and broaden our scope a bit.

        yeah, the VBR did place me in another part of my mind for a while. it’s probably better for me than i think.

        yeah, i’ll work on that great week—every week. and you as well. mahalo (thank you) again for the award. aloha.

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