Around the corner

spring sun on a winter day


Friday I had the good fortune to be out and about early on a very cold morning in Portland Maine. There was not much pausing and enjoying the scene as the wind was still a bit sharp, but just look at how warm that sunlight is in comparison to the overnight cold still hiding around the corner! Spring is sliding in though winter is not quite ready to let go, even the vehicles seem to speak of old man winter. It was a beautiful clear day, and few people were out, even the commuters weren’t filling the streets yet. There also was very little activity along the wharf, a few delivery vehicles here and there. Had bed not been so warm on such a cold morning I might have been tempted to be out even earlier, but single digits before wind chill kept me at bay until the sky began to noticeably lighten. But, the cold air was as sharp as it was invigorating and being out was worth the chilled fingers.


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