Not what it seems

not a distant fjordI went out yesterday for a walk in the woods to the stream behind my house. After breaking through the snow crust every few steps and going knee-deep I managed to get to the stream edge. It was a tiring walk back up the hill even stepping in my own tracks, but the chance to get out was worth it. When I got down to editing the images, this one jumped out from among the many ice and stream views. I thought to myself “Where did this wide vista with lowering clouds come from?” It wasn’t until I opened it full size that I realized it wasn’t some distant fjord that had somehow magically appeared in my images, but a close up of a snow-covered rock at water level. Funny how when it is large, it appears as it is, but smaller it gets a whole new feel.It makes it seem like a little gem. For me it was a good reminder that sometimes things are not what we thought, but can surprise and delight us anyway.


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