15 favorites


After struggling to add the Versatile Blogger button to the sidebar I am giving up and going straight to my favorite 15 blogs and hoping for the best. I was nominated by Jen of http://randomactsofwriting.wordpress.com/, a wonderful blog I have been following for some time. Her blog always keeps me thinking.

Now, in no particular order are the 14 others I enjoy:

  1. Walking with a smacked Pentax
  2. caleephotography
  3. Find the Beauty
  4. Studio Mothers: Life & Art
  5. Filippa Levemarks Blog
  6. Inkjot
  7. an eclectic eccentric
  8. A 19 Planets Art Blog 2010/2014
  9. photo roberts blog
  10. Helen’s Journal
  11. The Blue Brick | Photography and Handcrafts by Shireen Nadir
  12. Violet Gallery
  13. Olivia Ricci
  14. Creative Potager

They are a broad mix of blogs covering everything from painting to haiku, knitting to encouragement. So, basically a little something for each day.

As far as the 7 things about myself, hmmm;

  1. I am pretty much an introvert, quiet and solitude don’t bother me.
  2. I read constantly, especially non fiction.
  3. I’m told I have a great sense of humor.
  4. I am pretty much out of my depth when it comes to computers.
  5. I watch PBS, especially the BBC shows and news.
  6. Architecture and preservation fascinate me.
  7. I am married with 2 almost grown daughters.

Thanks Jen! I had no idea what topic to do today so this saved me from floundering, except for the whole “add button” part. Though who knows maybe it’ll show up, life is like that sometimes! It at least is mentioned in the sidebar, I guess that is something. Hopefully my nominees will get notified and find it smoother to add to their blogs!


One thought on “15 favorites

  1. Thank you Rebecca for including Creative Potager in you Versatility Awards. I am reluctantly declining to participate simply due to time constraints but do so much appreciate your mention! 🙂

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