Piling up

2-19-2014_020Under cloak of fresh snow

chiminea waits patiently

for spring days to return.

As I write this it is snowing again. It wasn’t just 10 minutes ago, I know I checked. I should stop checking to because each glance out the window shows it is snowing even harder than a couple of minutes ago! It snowed yesterday too, and between the snow-throwing yesterday and touch up  shoveling this morning I have that good tired feeling that comes from fresh air and activity. That will be repeated again tomorrow because this snow doesn’t look like it will be stopping before dark. I am not looking forward to the drive home. The debate goes: leave now or wait until after evening commute? And trying to gauge what every other driver is choosing so as to avoid clogged roads and crazy drivers as much as possible. Such is this winter’s weather, but each day is one closer to spring.


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