Snowy snowy snow snow

Yes snow.     I said it.

It has been a snowy stretch here in New England, but hey it is winter. Now if it were May, that’d be a perilously different matter. It is also windy, the sort of sharp wind that makes you not want to linger outside, it makes you hunch up your shoulders as you scurry to and fro. The sun however has that beguiling warmth that belies the bite in the air. Most of the trail-heads are inaccessible, locked behind massive snowbanks that I have no desire to scramble over even if there was a spot to pull off and park on the shoulder! But, at least it isn’t 1888 with no mechanized snow removal! I can barely imagine what it would have been like, un-insulated walls, no central heat, outhouses and water pumps, and little advance warning that a storm was coming. They were a much hardier breed than we are!

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