A little square footage



I can understand the enjoyment that would come from the solitude of an ice fishing shack, not so much so for the fishing though. I think we all hear the call for a space of our own regardless of our age. As children it is tree-houses, forts, or tents that are desired. I remember many, many forts built both with friends and on my own, they were magnificent to my child eyes. There was always plenty of scrap wood and cans of sundry nails awaiting use which made it that much easier to start construction. My brother was a fort builder from about age 4 when he turned an old wooden playpen into a space of his own. Yes, he was allowed to use a hammer at that age! Unheard of now in these über child safety days. I can see where as the oldest of 3 siblings he probably needed a space of his own. From there he went on to build wonderful 2 story forts complete with homemade wood stoves, another thing that would be frowned on today! I guess it is no surprise that he went on to expand the garage, and to later build his own house.

For some, the childhood drive to build never really goes away.


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