Exercise caution

wishing well

It would appear that this well gives rise to the idea of “be careful what you wish for” in no uncertain terms. Something I adhere to, in fact if I hear the words “I wish…” starting to come out of my mouth I stop and go no further. Why risk the law of unintended consequences is my view. The odd thing about this wishing well is that it was stuck off on a piece of land that had no other structure on it, like some strange thing had happened straight out of a kids sci-fi story, an unwary wish that wiped everything else out while leaving this one temptation. Yet some brave soul before being sucked into whatever portal to who knows where, or a shocked witness to the event, put up the posted sign to give the rest of us fair warning. It was a bit eerie at this spot, and I stayed well away when I snapped this picture, but it felt like an image that I needed to take. But I didn’t linger for one second longer than necessary!


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