Lock step

6-20-2013_005Monday, the start of a new work week for many, even those who worked over the weekend have Monday specific work tasks to complete. This image seems to be of workers trudging off over the gray cobblestones to work soul killing jobs in some Orwellian world, when actually it is of a slate roof with snow guards that look oddly like people in black suits. The mind has been shown something and allowed to interpret it, letting many options come out. This is the nice, messy part of life isn’t it? The freedom to take flight and not stay in lock step. That isn’t to say certain things shouldn’t be orderly for things to progress. Lining up at cash registers, voter check in, driving on the correct side of the highway in the correct direction. I like order, it is not  a bad thing as long as it doesn’t become too ridiculously heavy-handed. Imagine though if every state got to choose left or right side of the road driving! However, if everyone were stuck in a lock step mentality as far as work there would be little variety to delight in.

May your Monday be one of accomplishments and a bit of fanciful notions!


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