Working it out



I like when I find little vignettes like these that seem to really capture a mood or feel of activity. The 2 weekend open studios are over, hindered by yesterday’s snow. But still successful, as I was able to sell 9 items which is always a good result. Now it is time to work out the next step of plans as the 31st draws closer. Not sure exactly where the 12 months have gone, it seems like only half that amount of time should have passed. Yet it has, and I need to sharpen my pencil, grab some paper and get some guidelines drawn up for what goals I have for (gulp) 2014. This will call for much mulling, researching, some flights of fancy and daydreaming while trying to have a bit of reality thrown in. And probably a fair amount of tea or hot cocoa! All in all, I am looking forward to this as I love to plan things even if nothing concrete comes from them. I am ready to tackle it.


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