These quiet final days

window bw


Out for a walk on Christmas Day I happened upon this old window etched in frost, as if recording these last few days of the year. It doesn’t seem possible the final lines are being written so soon, yet once again the new year is upon us. It makes me pause to gather in the strands of the year that haven’t yet slipped into history, to see if I can hold onto them for just a moment more. Of course I can’t, but it does force me to slow down and savor what remains.


Merry Christmas!


Whether you are surround by family, friends, co workers or spending a quiet Christmas on your own, may you have a fabulous day of joy, celebration and enjoyment!

The shock of snow





(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)

Last week we had over a foot of snow, which surprised the chiminea,  who apparently had not watched the weather report. Now, after days of above freezing temperatures there is little snow left, and the chiminea has resumed its usual inexpressive look. Now that the blanket of snow is gone I will slip a plastic bag over the top to spare the chiminea another such indignity. I should have been better prepared and already had the winter cover on, so I must bear some of the blame for the sorry state of affairs that occurred. Hopefully, it will not get reported to the authorities, though no doubt the NSA already has it in their files. Though, as I am self reporting I am protected by the whistle-blower law. But still, one never can be sure…

The closing of the year



Tomorrow marks the first day of winter, and the last stretch of 2013, in just 10 days the doors will swing shut consigning the year to the past. Whether it has been a good or bad year we will have a new calendar, unmarked and fresh on which to write our story.

That’s 12 months

 365 days

8,790 hours

52,5600 minutes

 if we are lucky.

It sounds like so much time, but look how quickly this year has slipped by. I think it is nice that just before Christmas and New Year’s we get the “shortest day” over with. Then we can enter the new year with the psychological lift of the shift in the light however small it starts out to be.

It is good to feel that as the year starts off you are already gaining in some area of life!

Working it out



I like when I find little vignettes like these that seem to really capture a mood or feel of activity. The 2 weekend open studios are over, hindered by yesterday’s snow. But still successful, as I was able to sell 9 items which is always a good result. Now it is time to work out the next step of plans as the 31st draws closer. Not sure exactly where the 12 months have gone, it seems like only half that amount of time should have passed. Yet it has, and I need to sharpen my pencil, grab some paper and get some guidelines drawn up for what goals I have for (gulp) 2014. This will call for much mulling, researching, some flights of fancy and daydreaming while trying to have a bit of reality thrown in. And probably a fair amount of tea or hot cocoa! All in all, I am looking forward to this as I love to plan things even if nothing concrete comes from them. I am ready to tackle it.