Traditionally speaking

Ashby door close up


Just imagine how many feet have stepped over the threshold of this old house, back in the days when the front door was for receiving company and the side or back door for the family. This old house sits on the main street of a small New England village with the church and store just down the street, very picturesque. Now it seems we use the garage door for all traffic into the house, a front door seems almost a cosmetic after thought, a nod to a time when we had parlors, and hand towels and linens we kept “for best”. A better or worse way to live? It can be argued either way, I think it was just different. It certainly is nice to have the option to pick and choose what items we want to embellish our lives with, versus society telling us what the good host/hostess does in ironclad terms. If a highly decorated table appeals to you, I say go for it, if the thought of hand washing all that china and polishing the sterling flatware gives you anxiety, then use the everyday items. Life is way to short to fret over the finger bowls and proper forks if that isn’t your thing.

Live with your own sense of comfortable style and elegance.


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